Streets of Washington D.C.

Image: Streets of Washington, D.C, Inauguration Week, U.S.A.
Source: Work is Public Domain; image from Library of Congress 

On February 6, 1872, the delegation headed to the United States Capitol building. They arrived via Pennsylvania Avenue, marveling at the immaculate roads surrounded by beautiful winter trees and flora. The group commented that the streets were laid out like a Go board, with the four large avenues – Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey – converving on the great Capitol. Kanitake Kume was impressed by the evenness of the stone road, and made a note that it allowed people to haul loads several times heavier than what was possible on Japan’s roadways. Upon the delegation’s return home, the Meiji government invested heavily in road infrastructure across Japan, striving to make transportation by cart and carriage smooth and efficient.

Image:「ペンシルヴァニアアヴェニュー 遠景は国会議事堂」。Pennsylvania Avenue with Capitol Building in the distance
Source: Courtesy of the Kume Museum of Art  

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