The delegation divided themselves into two groups. One group visited Marlborough, where they attended a reception and toured a shoe and clothing factory. The second group went to Providence, Rhode Island. They attended a similar reception, and toured a gold and silver utensils factory.


The delegation visited a reservoir on the outer limits of Boston. On their way back to the city center, they were able to see the northern lights.


The delegation toured a cotton mill in Lawrence, and a wool mill in Lowell, Massachusetts.


After a short trip to New York City and Rhode Island, the mission returned to Boston. They attended a banquet at the Revere House Hotel, hosted by the city in their honor.


The delegation took a train to Springfield and toured the Federal Arsenal.


The mission members watched a second day of performances at the International Music Festival. Later in the day they attended a welcome event and cruised the Boston Harbor on a steamship.


The delegation arrived in Boston on June 18, 1872, and attended the World’s Peace Jubilee and International Music Festival.