Establishment of Nomura Holdings New York Branch

Year: 1927

Tokushichi Nomura II is the founder of what is now known as Nomura Holdings. Nomura’s visit to New York as a student in 1908 left a strong impression on him and two years after the establishment of The Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. in 1925 he opened a branch in New York City. For a short time after the branch was opened it served as a busy hub for the trading of foreign currency bonds in Japan. However, the satellite office was temporarily closed in 1936 due to increased tensions in international relations, followed by further challenges in the U.S. after the war. Today, the headquarters of Nomura Holding America Inc., a subsidiary of Nomura Holdings, Inc., are in New York City. Photograph is from the New York branch office in 1935.

Source: Nomura Holding America
Added Date: 06/26/2022