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Noboru Foujioka, Fraternal Pleasure, c. 1927 (Salons of America, 1927)

The image shows men and women dancing to Black Bottom and Charleston in a bar that illegally operates on the black market. The subject matter of this work is the decadent aspects of Prohibition-era society. The New York Shimpo wrote, “The artist satirically captures the underbelly of society by example. However, it is a success only in terms of its inspiration, and there are points in the painting that do not resonate with me. However, the arrangement of a male and female figure in action on the screen could have been more appropriate, and the objects could have been tied together. I found a certain tone in this work as if I were listening to the music of Jazz.” (Torajiro Watanabe, “Impressions of the Art Exhibition,” New York Shimpo, April 30, 1927)