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Kiyoshi Shimizu, Fortheen Street, c.1926

This work was also exhibited at the Independent Artists Exhibition of 1926. This exhibition may have allowed the viewer to appreciate this already well-received work once again. The New York Shimpo wrote, “The 14th Street is a good
representation of the night’s mood, especially with the bright lights at night. This is one of the best works by Shimizu” (Ishigaki). The 14th Street was the painting that newspapers and magazines in Tokyo all praised highly at last year’s Independence Exhibition. The 14th Street at night intrigues me in many ways, the composition is not
overdone, and the colors express a unique feeling. […] This is his most representative work, and the mood he has captured as a city dweller is like no other. His sound
brushwork and composition, together with his use of color, make him a household name” (Fujioka) (“Art Exhibition Joint Review,” New York Shimpo, March 5, 1927).