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Noboru Foujioka, Judgement of New York, c. 1927 (Independent Artists Exhibition, 1927)

A flapper is seen in the background, walking with a
swagger through the hustle and bustle of New York City,
wearing high heels, a fur coat, and a hat. The people around her are also dressed in trendy clothes and seem to be hurriedly crossing the street. The New York Shimpo wrote, “The environment and materials cast a surprisingly diverse range of human characteristics. Noboru Fujioka wrote in his own commentary, “I tried to draw a certain inspiration when I came into contact with a crowd of city dwellers of various shapes and contents, such as adulterers, gamblers, social rebels, nationalist, golddiggers, soulless people, sick people, etc.” (Noboru Fujioka, “‘Independent Art Exhibition’,” New York Shimpo, March 19, 1927)