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Chuzo Tamotzu, Sacandaga Park Midway, c.1929 (1929 Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists)

The background shows an outdoor amusement facility that was open only during the summer months. Children enjoying target shooting, yo-yo fishing, donkey rides, gentlemen in Panama hats, women in swimsuits, and other lively summer activities are the subjects of this painting. The New York Shimpo wrote, “The painting depicts, with a
light brush, the summer life of the Japanese in the mountains. The people engaged in activities such as ball games, poker games, and sling games, the red-headed men and women absorbed in these games, the arrangement of the crowds surrounding them, the appearance of the flappers in bathing suits standing among the crowd, the distinction in
dress and personality between the city people and the country people who frequent the park, are all depicted in his unique color and style. (Ishigaki Eitaro, “Monks’ Camp: Miscellaneous impressions of the Independent Art Exhibition,” New York Shimpo, March
13, 1929).