June 1936
The First Competitive Exhibition
organized by the American Artists’ Congress

Fig. 101. Sakari Suzuki, "Of Her Past"

The first exhibition, held to discover new artists, received over 200 submissions, and the jury members Max Weber, Stuart Davis, Hugo Gellert, and Yasuo Kuniyoshi selected the following work, “Of Her Past” (fig. 101) by Sakari Suzuki. As part of the award, Sakari Suzuki had a solo exhibition of 21 works at the ACA Gallery from November 15-29, 1936.

Eitaro Ishigaki commented:

“The bold abstract composition, fresh, intense colors, and extreme contrasts of light and shadow all have a modern feel. The artist’s unique technique is recognizable as he makes considerable effort to bring out the textures of the screen.”

He also commented,

“I like ‘Of Her Past’ the best because of its symbolism.”

(Eitaro Ishigaki, “Mr. Suzuki’s Solo Exhibition,” New York Shimpo, Nov. 21, 1936).