April 1940
American Artists’ Congress 4th Annual Exhibition

Fig. 122. Sakari Suzuki, "Landscape”
Fig. 123. Chuzo Tamotzu, “Problem”
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The fourth annual American Artists’ Congress exhibition was held in April 1940 and included works by Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Eitaro Ishigaki, Chuzo Tamotzu, Sakari Suzuki, and Thomas Nagai. Two of these works, Suzuki Sakari “Landscape” (Fig. 122) and Chuzo Tamotzu “Problem” (Fig. 123), are the only identifiable works from the exhibition.

The Fourth Annual Exhibition in 1940 is considered the last annual exhibition of the Congress of American Artists. Following the Soviet invasion of Finland in the year prior to the exhibition, disagreements deepened within the organization between communists and liberals. In April 1940, a large number of members resigned, weakening the strength of the organization and contributing to its rapid decline. Yasuo Kuniyoshi, who was involved in the activities of the Congress of American Artists from its inception, likely retired from the Congress in early summer 1940.