June 1936
The First Competitive Exhibition organized by the American Artists’ Congress

Fig. 1. Kotato Gado = T.K. Gado), “Fairly Clouds” “Fairly Clouds” was probably exhibited at the New York Japanese Art Association’s 1917 exhibition. The right side of the painting depicts an oni (demon)-like figure, while the left shows a nymph with a frightened expression, as if fleeing from an oni.

In March 1917, there was an exhibition of the New York Japanese Art Association at the Yamanaka Gallery. The exhibition featured 75 oil paintings, watercolors, architectural drawings, and photographs by I. Kagawa, T.K. Gado, T. Wake, S. Shimotori, K. Ashiwara, T. Ono. S. Hamachi, M. Uwagawa, M. Tsuchiya, I. Takanosu, T. Kikuchi.

he venue, Yamanaka Shokai, was founded by Sadajiro Yamanaka in Osaka, Japan, and was a prominent Japanese antique art gallery. Clients include Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Charles Lang Freer, Isabella Stewart Gardner of Boston, Ernest Fenollosa, H.O. Havemeyer, and other collectors who laid the foundation for Japanese Art collection in the museums in the United States from late 19th to 20th century. Therefore, one can imagine that the 1917 exhibition of the New York Japan Art Association included works devoted to the East Asian art style.