Chuzo Tamotzu, Problem, c.1939-1940

A furry animal with a long tail sits on a table by the window. Outside the window are the buildings of New York City and automobiles driving down the street. The animal appears to be in an indoor setting. Upon closer inspection, one can see that the bundle of paper placed randomly under the animal’s […]

Sakari Suzuki, Landscape, c. 1939-1940

A large tree standing on a stone wall and a house in the woods, perhaps in the suburbs of New York. This landscape is slightly different from the war-themed works in the exhibition. “Maverick Street,” similar in composition to this work, is in the Smithsonian American Art Museum collection.

Thomas Nagai, Broken Wagon, c.1938-1939

This painting depicts a broken wagon with its wheels off, placed on the side of a suburban road. This landscape painting uses thick lines to create a clear outline of the objects.

Eitaro Ishigaki, Amazons, 1937

In March 1939, the fascist regime triumphed in Spain after a civil war that had been raging since 1936. This work depicts people protesting against the fascist regime. It represents a Spanish woman attempting to throw a Fascist soldier off a cliff. Fig. 117. is an illustration from the catalog of the American Artists’ Congress, […]

Eitaro Ishigaki, Victim of War, c.1938

In the center is a man dressed in Chinese clothing being chased away by a gun, and at his feet is a child lying on the floor. Behind him is a figure in military uniform, possibly a Japanese soldier, standing with a gun.

Sakari Suzuki, Landscape, c.1937-1938

This is a landscape of a suburb of New York City, with mountains and clouds in the sky, figures walking along a country road, and houses in the distance, as if painted on a ceramic ornament. A huge stone head is placed on the far left, which seems out of place in this scene. This […]