Commemorative Photo at the Exhibition of the Gacho Kai, 1922

In the center of the front row is Furudo Masado, and Yasuo Kuniyoshi is on the right side of the front row, facing sideways. Eitaro Ishigaki is on the far left in the back row, Kyohei Inukai is second from the left in the second row, and Toshi Shimizu is fourth from the left in […]

Kotato Gado, Family, c.1922

This painting depicts a family of five gathered around a table with a brown room in the background. The hexagonal wall, the electric light in the center of the room, and the family around the table may pray before the meal. The painting evokes a sense of warmth and tenderness.

Kotato Gado, Traffic, c.1920

Standing in the background are the buildings of New York City, and the black horizontal line running slightly above center is probably an elevated railroad. In the foreground, countless geometric lines depict a line of carriages running down a boulevard and people passing by on the street. One can almost hear the hustle and bustle […]

Kotato Gado, Rush Hour in Subway, c. 1918

This geometric line drawing depicts the interior of a crowded subway car during rush hour. This work was also exhibited at the 3rd Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists in 1919. In “The Japanese,” […]the artist skillfully captures the movement of the “rush hour” vibe as a scene from the present-day scene. The “Family,” […]