Kotato Gado, Fairly Clouds, c. 1917

“Cloud” was probably exhibited at the New York Japanese Art Association’s 1917 exhibition. The rightside of the painting depicts an oni (demon)-like figure, while the left shows a nymph with a frightened expression, as if fleeing from an oni.

Kotato Gado, Take Gari, c.1917

Four women are depicted in a forest, dressed in kimonos, with Japanese hair and hairpins. The woman on the far left is holding a kiseru (a Japanese smoking pipe). The woman next to her is holding a chestnut. The woman crouched on the right seems to have found a mushroom. The autumn leaves on the […]

Seisho Hamachi, Fifth Avenue, c.1918

The American flags are waving from the window of a building, and the Flatiron Building on Broadway at 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City can be seen at the back of the image. This painting of Fifth Avenue in New York City is similar in composition to Childe Hassam’s “July Fourteenth, Rue […]