Welcome Procession for the Japanese Delegation

Year: 1860

Roughly 5,000 members of the New York State Militia received the Japanese delegation and escorted them from the Battery to their headquarters at the Metropolitan Hotel. Thousands of New Yorkers gathered to watch the procession. 1. The New York State Militia Eighth Regiment march past the St. Nicholas Hotel. 2. The New York State Militia Seventh Regiment march to meet the delegation. 3. The New York State Militia Fifth Regiment pass the St. Nicholas Hotel. 4. Troop of New York State Militia cavalry on the way to meet the delegation. 5. The artillery begins to arrive on the Battery. 6. Crowds of onlookers gather on the Battery. 7. Same as [6]. 8. The cannons are placed in position to salute the delegation. 9. The crowd is dispersed from around the cannons prior to firing. 10. The Metropolitan Hotel is decorated with 300 American and Japanese flags. 11. A large crowd gathers in front of the Metropolitan Hotel.

Source: Tom Burnett Collection
Added Date: 06/26/2022