Japanese Delegation Arrives at City Hall

Year: 1860

1. Members of the New York State Militia Seventh Regiment arrive to escort the Japanese delegates to City Hall, June 18, 1860. In total, five hundred and seventy members of the Seventh Regiment participated in the welcome parade. 2. The Seventh Regiment are drawn up opposite the Metropolitan Hotel while the Japanese delegates enter the carriages. 3. The delegation arrives at New York City Hall. 4. The delegates leave for New York City Hall. 5. The populace gather in front of New York City Hall. 6. Governor Morgan arrives at New York City Hall. 7. The Seventh Regiment takes up position in front of New York City Hall. 8. The Seventh Regiment await termination of the meeting between the Embassy, Governor Morgan, Mayor Wood, and members of the government. 9. The Seventh Regiment visit neighboring restaurants. 10. Return of the Japanese delegates from New York City Hall to the Metropolitan Hotel.

Source: Tom Burnett Collection
Added Date: 06/26/2022