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Toshi Shimizu, Yokohama Night (Impression of Yokohama, Night View of Yokohama), 1921

Two similar works with the same title and very similar
composition have been identified. This work is one of them
and is said to have been in the collection of George Bellows.
The Nichibei Jiho (The Japan-America Times) wrote, “The
idea is colorfully and dramatically executed. It depicts the
activities of an old woman in the floating world, including
stores, liquor stores, geisha parlors, courtesans, students,
Westerners, and navy blue-collar workers in a corner of
downtown Yokohama, and is poetic and dramatic in both
conception and technique and composition. (Impressions of
Japanese Artists at the Independent Art Association
Exhibition, The Japan-America Jiho, March 5, 1921).