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Toshi Shimizu, China Town at Night, New York (China Town), 1922 (1923 Independent Artists Exhibition)

Tourists riding a bus through Chinatown at night. The
painting depicts people enjoying a meal on the second floor
of the red-roofed restaurant on the left, and even a drunken
man lying on the street.

The Nichibei Jiho (Japan-America Times) wrote, “Shimizu’s
work, as usual, is an interesting depiction of the activities of
the floating world with a deep emotional appeal. Both
“Diekmann’s House” and “China Restaurant” are particularly
interesting because they are so expressive in their conception, coloring, and technique. (Mumyoji, “Dokuritsu Bijutsu Tenkan – Gado Hiramoto Watanabe – A Short Review of Mr. Shimizu’s Works,” Nichibei Jiho, April 1, 1922).

With Asian style buildings and people in the background, the
painting depicts a strange town where Westerners on a car
touring the city are amused by the strange atmosphere.
(Kageji Morningside, “Seeing the Independent Art
Exhibition,” The Japan-America Jiho, March 17, 1923)
The subject matter and atmospheric style of the paintings
were highly praised.