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Kyohei Inukai, Self-Portrait (Reflection), 1918 

This is a self-portrait by portrait painter Kyohei Inukai. This is one of his most famous works, which was also exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1921. The New York Shimpo also noted, “As the standard-bearer of the Academicians, he has already reached the pinnacle of his craft, and it will be interesting to see how his career
develops in the future. (Ishigaki)

He seems to think he is at the forefront as a painter of the academic school. Look at his bloodless face, he must not be malnourished. (Fujioka) Inukai’s work is probably his best-known work. His coloring and technique are also very skillful. (Watanabe) (“Art Exhibition Review,” New York Shimpo, February 26, 1927)