Custom Post Types
Artifacts 03:35
Timeline Slides 09:10
Exhibition Stories 11:44

Compontents Overview 12:50
Hiding default page titles 16:35
Basic Text Component 17:06
Two Column Content Component 19:00
Adding margins above and below components 19:20
Text with Image Column 20:00
Full-Width Media Component with Caption 21:50
Accordion Component 23:09
Tabs Component 24:45
Gallery 25:45
Call to Action (CTA) 27:55

Custom Layouts
Home Page 31:50
Displaying artifacts on home page 35:55
About Us 37:50
Temporarily hiding items on a page 40:50
Translating text 42:10

JANY Special Exhibition Content Training

NOTE: The section on editing the carousels has been updated (see addendum video below) to use sliders. 

Editing Sliders (updated)