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Statement on the First Anniversary of the establishment of the Japan History Council in New York

The Japan History Council of New York was established on December 12, 2020 by 15 prominent representatives of the Japanese, Japanese-American, and American communities for the purpose of collecting, preserving, publishing, and disseminating the history of Japanese in New York and the surrounding areas from 1860 to the present day and passing it on to future generations.

Over the past year, the Council has accomplished the following:

– Production of a pamphlet in English and Japanese, March 2021.

– Launch of the Digital Museum of the History of Japanese in New York (, May 2021.

– Uploaded nearly 100 items to the Digital Museum.

– Over 16,000 visitors to the Digital Museum.

– Establishment of Archive Advisory Committee and Finance Committee.

– Mr. Alexander Bruess, new Project Director/ Archive Manager, joined the team, October 2021.

Looking forward, the Digital Museum is currently developing its first special exhibit, a showcase of the Iwakura Diplomatic Mission to the U.S., which will be held in March of next year in commemoration of the mission’s 150th anniversary.

The Council appreciates its many partners for their financial contributions and provision of historical materials. We continue to welcome any and all support that can help the Council live out its mission to preserve the legacy and significance of the history of Japanese in New York. Anyone seeking to contribute can reach the Council via email at [email protected].

December 12, 2021, New York