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Recording: “Meiji Modern: What Women’s Education Means Then and Now” Panel Discussion

This event, presented by Asia Society Japan, featured a moderated panel discussion at The International House of Japan in Tokyo in person and online on August 28, 2023. Discussion focused on the significance of women’s education in Japan since the time the country was modernizing 150 years ago. Digital Museum of the History of Japanese in New York Founding Board Chair Dr. Nick Homma spoke about the first Japanese women sponsored by the Meiji government to study abroad in the United States. Former International Christian University President Dr. Junko Hibiya discussed gender issues that continue today. The discussion was moderated by Asia Society Japan Founding Member Mitsuru Claire Chino.

The event was hosted by Asia Society Japan in recognition and celebration of the upcoming exhibition Meiji Modern: Fifty Years of New Japan, which will be on view at the Asia Society Museum in New York from October 03, 2023 – January 07, 2024.

Find the recording HERE.