Torajiro Watanabe

Year: 1880-?

Born in Fukushima Prefecture. After studying at an art school in Tokyo, he moved to the United States around 1909. Studied under Charles Rosen and others at the Academy School in Denver and the Art Students League in New York. He worked in Woodstock from about 1924 to 1935, creating works of art. He exhibited at the Society of Independent Artists from 1922 to 1927 and at the Salons of America in 1922, 1923, and 1926. He exhibited at the exhibition of the Gacho Kai in 1922 and at the exhibition of Japanese Art, sponsored by New York Shimpo in 1927. While working on his creative activities, he also contributed art criticism to Japanese-language newspapers. He served as the secretary of the Gacho kai.

After moving to San Francisco around 1927, he returned to Japan. His works were also exhibited at “Half Century of Japanese Artists in New York, 1910′-1950′” held at Azuma Gallery in 1977.

Reference: Half Century of Japanese Artists in New York, 1910′-1950′,(exhibition catalogue), Azuma Gallery(1977); Chang, Gordon H., Johnson, Mark Dean, Karlstrom, Paul J., and Spain, Sharon eds., Asian American Art, a history 1985-1970, (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2008); New York Shimpo; Nichibei Jiho.

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