Year: 1953

On September 16, 1953, Prince Akihito visited New York City on his return to Japan from England where he attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. He attended a Welcome Tea Party which was held by the Japanese American Association and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in New York at the Astor Hotel. He was also the guest of honor on the 17th at a Dinner Party at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel attended by 1,500 people. He bought refrigerator at the Terada Shokai as a souvenir. On September 19th at 4:50pm, the Prince went to Boston from Grand Central Station and visited Detroit, Chicago and Rock Spring, Wyoming. On April 22, he had a brief four hours meeting with Mrs. Elizabeth Gray Vining who was his English teacher when he was young.

Source: Hokubei Shimpo, New York handbook
Added Date: 03/15/2021