Tatsutaro Miyahara

Year: 1878-1936

Tatsutaro Miyahara was born in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture. He graduated from the First Higher School (currently known as Chiba University) and moved to New York in 1905. He visited prominent bacteriologist Hideyo Noguchi and the two immediately hit it off, later living together and opening a one-room clinic. Miyahara learned how to administer X-rays at New York University, and in 1890, he returned to Japan via Europe. He played a pioneering role in radiation therapy in Japan, but developed radiation-induced cancer in his hand. He underwent surgery five times, but died at home in 1945. Pictured: Tatsutaro Miyahara (right) with Hideyo Noguchi.

Added Date: 03/15/2021