Shukan New York Seikatsu (2020/12/19)

Year: 2020

The paper, dated on 2020/12/19, reports the establishment of “the Japan History Council of New York.” It reports that the council’s aim is to collect, preserve and disseminate historically significant material to the world, and to pass it on to future generation as well as to establish a Japanese History Museum in New York in the future. Furthermore, the paper features the episodes of the Japanese who traveled all the way to the US after 1860 such as the first-ever “Samurai” Parade at Broadway by the Japanese diplomatic mission by Tokugawa Shogunate in 1860 and the youth memories of Mr. Koujiro MATSUKATA, the first president of Kawasaki Dockyard, who studied at Rutgers University.

Source: Shukan New York Seikatsu
Added Date: 03/15/2021