Materials for the Exhibition of the Tokyo/New York Sister City Cooperative Relationship 50-Year Anniversary “Photo and Document About the 50-year Tokyo/New York Sister City Exchange”

Year: 1960

On February 29, 1960 (Showa 35), the City of Tokyo and New York City entered into a cooperative sister city relationship. In the half-century since then, both cities have become leaders in reciprocal visits and exchange. This includes municipal high school and university exchange programs, employee and academic exchange, government delegation missions, and things like an exchange of gifts and mementos. This has deepened friendships and improved mutual understanding between both parties. Exhibition introduce a number of documents, photographs and other relics, illustrating (on a number of levels) the history of exchange that has taken place in the 150 years since Tokyo and New York first encountered each other. This will include artifacts from New York City possessed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in cooperation with the Office of Public Records.

Source: Tokyo metropolitan government
Added Date: 03/15/2021