Japanese & Russian Delegates Depart NY for the Portsmouth Peace Conference

Year: 1905

The Treaty of Portsmouth ended the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05. At the invitation of President Theodore Roosevelt, peace delegates from Japan and Russia traveled from New York City by ship to Portsmouth, New Hampshire for the negotiations. From the Library of Congress: “On Aug. 5, 1905, the Japanese and Russian delegations to the Portsmouth Peace Conference left New York City to board ships which would take them first to Oyster Bay to talk with TR [Theodore Roosevelt] and then to the conference in Portsmouth, N.H. Views at the wharf of the New York Yacht Club of the Japanese delegation boarding two U.S. Navy steam launches; part of the Russian delegation walks down a ramp to the wharf; the first three men are unidentified; the last two men are the chief Russian envoys, Sergius Witte and Baron Roman Rosen; the delegation is greeted by third Assistant Secretary of State Herbert H. D. Peirce and others; the Russians board a steam launch; final view of man walking down the ramp and then boarding another launch. Members of the Japanese delegation included Baron Kogoro Takahira, the Japanese Ambassador to the United States and envoy, Marquis Jutarō Komura.”

Source: Library of Congres
Added Date: 03/15/2021