George R. Nagamatsu

Year: 1904-2001

Dr. George Nagamatsu was born in Seattle, Washington in 1904. He graduated from Washington University Engineering School in 1926 with highest honors and New York Medical College in 1934. In 1957, he became the first Nisei (American-born of Japanese ancestry) Chairman of Urology at a major medical school, New York Medical College. He attained international prominence in 1948 for the Nagamatsu Dorsal Lumbar Incision, which is still used for large retro-peritoneal masses. In 1950 he was the American Japanese Medical Ambassador and is considered a major contributor to Japanese urological expertise in the last fifty years. Nagamatsu served as president of the American Urological Association (AUA), New York Section, in 1967; representative for the AUA at the National American Medical Association (AMA) Convention in 1968; Chairman of the Biomedical Devices of the AUA in 1974; and Consultant to the Armed Forces for Biomedical Devices, 1974-1978. He was the founder of the Japanese Medical Society of America and the Engineering & Urology Society.

Source: Engineering & Urology Society
Added Date: 03/15/2021