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Torajiro Watanabe, Self Portrait, c.1926

This painting depicts Torajiro Watanabe posing with a
palette in one hand while working on a painting. Torajiro
Watanabe has exhibited his works at exhibitions of the
Association of Independent Artists using various
techniques, including East Asian folding screens, Cubism,
and the Ashcan School. In addition to creating artwork,
Torajiro was also a critic who contributed sharp art
criticism to Japanese-language newspapers.
“The New York Shimpo,” wrote, “The strong use of color in
Self-Portrait makes it difficult to reconcile the tense face
with the ambient feeling of its surroundings. It gives a
sense of distance between the face and the body.”
Self-Portrait was painted in the Woodstock Mountains, and
the artist spent a lot of time and effort carrying brushes, so
a man emerges more attractive than it really is.” (Fujioka)
(“Art Exhibition Joint Review,” New York Shimpo, March 9,