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Gozo Kawamura, Furederik MacMonnies, c.1926

Gozo Kawamura is a sculptor who studied sculpture at the
National Academy of Design in New York and the Ecole
des Beaux Arts in France. He invented the enlarging
sewing machine, a three-dimensional extension machine
for sculpture, and created many sculptures as an assistant
to sculptor Frederick William MacMonnies.
Gozo Kawamura and MacMonnies collaborated on the
works “Truth” (Figure 137) and “Beauty” (Figure 138) at
the main entrance of the New York Public Library, “Civic
Virtue” (Figure 139) in the plaza in front of City Hall (now
installed in Greenwood Cemetery), and “The Civic Virtue”
(Figure 132) in the Washington, DC area. (now located in
Greenwood Cemetery), the “Authority of Law” [Fig. 141] at
the entrance to the Supreme Court in Washington, DC, and the “Contemplation of Justice” [Fig. 142] [Fig. 140].