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Bumpei Usui, Landscape, 1932

This painting is a view of the garden from the window of
Kuniyoshi Yasuo’s house in Woodstock. Hanging on the wall
is a portrait that appears to be the work of Kuniyoshi Yasuo.
This painting was included in a 1934 exhibition at the
Syracuse Art Museum.
The Japanese-language newspaper wrote, “‘Indoor’ is quite
interesting in how the table and walls are handled, but the
short distance through the glass window is a little
unsatisfying. The “Landscape” is a bit overdone, in my
opinion. (Kiyoshi Shimizu, “Japanese Art Exhibition,” New York Shimpo, February 20, 1935) Both “Landscape” and “Indoor” are interesting, although they
resemble Kuniyoshi’s paintings. The works of amateur artists
are also mixed in at the Japanese Art Exhibition, which is
interesting for its uniqueness.”

Nichibei Jiho (February 23, 1935).